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This training program was created to help parents, teachers, and other significant adults learn how to build resilience in themselves and in the children and young people they interact with.

There are four key themes that guide this training: Resilient Thinking The training aims to help participants learn better ways to interpret events, which can have a significant impact on how they react to them.

It consists of 12 hours of training divided into two parts: Part 1 helps adults build their own foundation in resilience and learn resiliency skills they can model and encourage in their children.

These skills include: 1) Identifying and strengthening resilience abilities.

First Nations youth in Canada demonstrate disproportionately high rates of negative behaviors such as violence, substance abuse, and leaving school early.

An understanding of historical context and current environment helps explain these patterns.

The word “resilient” might bring to mind all of the struggles and setbacks that have plagued you in your life.Specific strategies include peer mentoring, a credit-based academic course, and transition conferences for grade 8 students.This article describes these initiatives and some of the early successes and challenges we have faced in the design and implementation of them.If you still don’t believe you’re very resilient, the good news is that there are ways to continue building on your resilience.Some of these exercises and activities may help you develop your resilience, and some may make you realize how resilient you already are.

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